BitBox Transtron Bench Tool

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For a functioning tool you need the BitBox Transtron Bench Tool + Tactrix Openport 2.0 + Universal ECU Bench cable!

 (Master version)

This tool can read Transtron ECMs from Isuzu engines in Bench Mode, by connecting directly to the ECM pins, without opening the control module, like necessary when using Trasdata. 

Supported ECMs: 
protocol FID:280
ECUs based on Renesas SH7058, SH7059, SH72533 and SH72544 
Isuzu Transtron SH7058/SH7059/SH72533/SH72544 CAN (FID:280)  
Allows identification, reading with auto size recognition, writing and CS correction. 
These Isuzu engines are widely used in construction machinery such as: 
Case Excavators 
Hitachi Excavators 
John Deere Excavators  
Kawasaki Loaders  
Sany Excavators  
Linkbelt Excavators

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